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Air Brad Nailer


Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Adjustable exhaust, Soft grip handle reduces fatigue

-Fast Loading: This electric brad nail gun features fast loading capability. With a quick and straightforward loading mechanism, this tool allows for swift and seamless reloading of staples, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

-Widely Used: Whether you are working on trim work, baseboards, furniture assembly or other woodworking projects, this electric brad nailer is your go-to tool. It effectively drives brad nails into various materials, such as wood or plywood, providing reliable and secure fastening.

-Touch-strike Security: This feature prevents accidental firing by requiring the nose of the nailer to be firmly pressed against the work surface before it can be activated. This safety measure significantly reduces the likelihood of unintended firing, allowing for peace of mind and ensuring a safe working environment.


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Air Brad Nailer