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Pneumatic Brad Nailer



-Quick-release: This brad gun features the quick-release mechanism. This feature allows for easy and efficient reloading of brad nails, minimizing downtime during your projects. With a simple release, you can swiftly load a new strip of brad nails, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted operation.

-Adjustable depth-of-drive: This electric brad nail gun allows you to precisely control the depth at which the brad nails are driven into the material. This level of control ensures a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish, enhancing the overall quality of your work.

-Aluminum Body: This brad nailer gun is constructed with durable aluminum body. Aluminum is lightweight, making the nailer easy to handle. The robust aluminum body ensures longevity, making the nailer a reliable and long-lasting investment for professional and hobbyists alike.


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Pneumatic Brad Nailer