Total tools


Powering your projects every step of the way!

No matter the task large or small Total Tools Rental & Electrical Supplies Ltd has the tools and equipment you will need to get your job done.


The business was founded by Ainsworth Mornan in March 2008 in a small 10 x10 shop located in White River on the St. Ann/ St. Mary border. Total Tools was born out of the need to provide basic tools to people with the flexibility of purchasing or renting. Through years of acquisition of tools the operation was in full swing and without a budget for marketing, some of the inventory was strategically placed on the outside for passers-by to see which ultimately led to them stopping and enquiring.

Mr. Mornan attributes the rapid growth of his business to the flexibility offered to customers.

Every customer that visits Total Tools will leave with the tool they desire within their budget and this is what makes us unique. They are advised by our trained staff, who identifies their project needs and recommends the right tool, whether for purchase or rental, new or used while factoring in the size and quality of the tool needed.

Our customers can also rent an item for a minimum of four hours or a rental period of a day, one week or one month. Additionally, “Total Tools repair centre is the most unique across the island simply because we repair all major and aftermarket brands of just about any tool that comes to mind whether purchased in-store or from our competitors coupled with the largest inventory of parts” he states.

All customers who qualify has the opportunity to participate in Total Tools loyalty program which gives them a discount on all transactions whether rental, repairs or purchases. There are also special rates offered to contractors and sub-contractors who make up a large part the company’s customer base.

Thank you for your support and business over the years. We look forward to serving your for years to come