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2.5HP 50L Air Compressor



1800W, 2.5HP

13.2 Gallon Air Compressor

-Shock-proof Pad: This portable compressor is designed with a shock-proof pad to prevent movement and absorb vibrations during operation, creating more comfortable working environment.

-Multiple Uses: This tire air compressor can be used to inflate tires, power air tools, operate pneumatic machinery, etc. Its powerful motor and large tank capacity ensure a steady and reliable airflow, allowing you to tackle various tasks with efficiency.

-Pressure Gauge Display: This electric air compressor is designed with a pressure gauge display allows you to easily monitor and control the air pressure, ensuring precise and accurate operation. With the pressure gauge display, you can effortlessly adjust the air output to suit various tasks and applications, providing you with flexibility and control over your compressed air usage.


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2.5HP 50L Air Compressor