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2HP 24L Air Compressor



1500W, 2HP

-Fan Cover: This portable air compressor is designed with nice cooling system, allowing the air compressor to operate efficiently and safely. The fan cover prevents debris and dust from entering the compressor, minimizing the risk of damage and extending its lifespan.

-Structural Steel: This electric air compressor is built with structural steel, ensuring durability and robustness. The structural steel construction makes the compressor resistant to wear and corrosion, allowing it to withstand demanding work conditions.

-Lightweight: This small air compressor comes in a lightweight hot dog tank. The compact and portable wheel design allows you to easily take the compressor to different work sites. Despite its lightweight construction, the hot-dog tank has a high capacity of 5 gallons, providing ample stored air for continuous operation.


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2HP 24L Air Compressor