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Vermeer Stump Grinder



All control knobs are color-coded for easy reference. The on/off switch is easily accessible on the left side of the machine. A sight glass allows you to quickly gauge the gearbox oil level. A large gearbox cover allows easy access. And for added safety, the unit has a park brake. Exclusive trenching features An 11 HP (8 kw) Honda® engine powers the V1150’s exclusive 34,000 lb. (15,422 kg) digging chain. The V1350 features a 13 HP (10 kw) Honda engine. Three boom lengths are available. The machines’ splined ground drive hubs are stronger than shear-type bolts. The greaseable end idler, an exclusive feature, extends bearing life. Plus, the steel spur gear drive and axle lock are enclosed for protection from debris and damage.


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Vermeer Stump Grinder

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