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C185 CFM



The C185WKUB T2 portable air compressor from Doosan Portable Power features the industry’s most reliable airend while combining advanced engineering with our most cost-effective features. This air compressor provides the ultimate in serviceability, durability, and convenience — all within your budget. From the conveniently located toolbox to its full access canopy, the C185WKUB T2 portable air compressor saves you time and money. These compressors assure you efficient and reliable performance, day after day.

Powered by a Kubota engine, the C185WKUB portable air compressor features a new single-piece canopy that is lockable, lightweight, aerodynamic and made of virtually indestructible composite material. A compact design and smaller footprint make this compressor easier to tow and more maneuverable in tight areas. Its cool-box airflow design allows cool air to enter through the rear and wash over the internal components, keeping internal temperatures low.


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C185 CFM

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