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1800W 180mm Angle Grinder



7Inch Angle Grinder

-Cutting Tiles: This corded angle grinder with a diamond cutting wheel can also be used to cut tiles and bricks. It provides precise, clean cuts, making it an invaluable tool for tile installation.

-Cutting Metal: One of the primary uses of an angle grinder is cutting through metal. Whether it’ s steel, iron or other metals, an angle grinder equipped with the proper cutting disc can quickly and efficiently cut through the material. It is commonly used in metal fabrication, construction and automotive industries.

-Grinding & Polishing: Angle grinders are often used for grinding and polishing tasks on different materials, such as metal, concrete and stone. They can smooth rough edges, remove old paint or rust and prepare surfaces for painting or finishing. With the right attachments, an angle grinder can also be used for polishing or buffing metal surfaces.


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1800W 180mm Angle Grinder